11 Aug 2013

Sunken Spire Building

Here's one I made earlier this year. As installed at CGP London in the Bermondsey Artists' Group's 30th anniversary show.

Balsa wood, acrylic paint, varnish and a book.
approx. 28/20/40 cm

Gig Posters

Once in a blue moon I make a poster for a gig. Usually because I'm playing.

and then they changed the time...

For full disclosure

2 Sep 2012

Tree Barn

The latest building. I made this as a wedding gift for my friends. Deviated from the cave theme and decided on a little forest inside.

Balsa, model trees, acrylic
Building 20x20 cm

Rorschach pattern.

18 Feb 2012

Erik Ehrsson does drumming research

Erik Ehrsson Does Drumming Research from Erik Ehrsson on Vimeo.
This video/installation started off with the belief that I can drum but the drums are not where they need to be.
It must be a simple matter of changing the surrounding rather than the other way around. By filming myself air drumming I can then construct the kit accordingly.
This is quite a few years old now but just been able to transfer it to vimeo. Needless to say the approach didn't succeed and my drumming now is more reserved and conventional...

9 Jan 2012

Swedish Barn

Here is my latest building. I was trying to emulate Falu red (Falu rödfärg), which is the most common colour on Swedish wooden barns and houses. I'll be using this colour scheme on a larger building I'm working on.
Balsa wood, acrylic. 15.5x18,5x17cm
Thanks Melissa Osborne for taking the pictures.

5 Dec 2011

El Clasico Installation

Some images from the last El Clasico exhibition. I put the quarter dome in the corner with a structural arc radiating out.

Dome: Balsa and coffee, ca 30cm by 30cm
Arc: Spruce, dimensions variable, as installed 2.20m by 2.20m
Thank you, Hans Diernberger, for the photographs!

17 May 2011

El Clásico (2)

Showing some new work in this show starting next week. Private View May 23.
And on Thursday May 26 I'm apparently doing a live translation of Eric M Nilsson's 1966 film Passageraren (The Passenger). Slightly worried about that...
The New Gallery is in Peckham and more information can be found here: newgallerylondon
and here elclasicoprojects ,which is specific about our show.

1 Nov 2010

Dome Folly Project

I am currently working on a project building a folly in a field next to my parents' summer house in Sweden. The idea is to build a wooden dome, partially buried in the ground, merging the international concept of a folly with a more Scandinavian type of medieval architecture. The end result will be a more humble dome structure than the images above, connecting it with local church and secular architecture. I am hoping to begin building this summer but as it will be rather costly I am prepared with a ten year plan. I will keep updating with more information as I go along. Help will be much appreciated.

Proposed statistics: 12 sides, height 6m, width 12m. Covered in tarred wooden shingles (shakes)

Maquette built to try out structural methods. Using balsa wood it pretty much shows the construction of the arches and the tiled roof.

9 Aug 2010

Finally here are the pictures from El Clasico.

The finished barn with spire as installed on the floor with some fine multi purpose compost and reconfigured twig.
Gave the cathedral a backdrop of a composite picture from the hills of Wales.

10 May 2010

I will be in this short little show opening this Thursday 13th. It will only be open four days so better hurry down/up there. Apart from my humble self, other very good artists will be showing their work so it will be a goodn!
I'll be showing all new work, apart from an old one which will be different somehow...